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Looking for a Marriage Celebrant in Whale Beach, NSW? Then Marry Us Gary is the place for you! Especially if you are planning a a Moby Dicks Wedding.

I’m here if you need a funny, local wedding master of ceremonies and marriage celebrant, based in the Northern Beaches, who services the Sydney region and beyond. I am a professional and fun Wedding Celebrant who is relaxed, non-religious, and ready to officiate your civil marriage. Hire me to make sure your marriage celebration goes off without a hitch.

In this article we explore what happens at a Moby Dicks Wedding  and what you can expect if you are hosting your wedding there.

Moby Dicks Wedding Venue Tour

We’ll explore local ceremony locations such as Whale Beach, what to expect during the cocktail hour, catering, how the reception will run, vow writing and heaps more. Read the article below and get ready to plan your Moby Dicks Wedding.


Welcome to Whale Beach

G’day lovebirds, I’m Gazza. I’m a sparky who loved my wedding so much, I packed up the tools and became a northern beaches marriage celebrant. 

And this is my beautiful wife Georgie, who was in charge of planning our unforgettable dream wedding. 

We’re here to lift the veil on planning the wedding of your dreams and help set the scene for a marriage that’s happy ever after.

Welcome to Marry us Gary, where we’ll be taking an engaged couple on a tour of one of the best  Boathouse Group Wedding Venues, and help them plan their Moby Dicks Wedding at Whale Beach.

Marry Us Gary Weddings

Today we are meeting Emma and David…

David refers to himself as a ‘ping pong pom’ – as he was born in the UK and bounced around a fair bit between Australia and England. Now he’s definitely settled in Australia, he’s a firefighter and he’s even got a dog named Ozzie. 

He met Emma through the dating app Bumble and when he walked into the pub for their first date and saw her smile it was love at first sight. He proposed in Sicily (nice one)!

Emma was also born in the UK and came to Australia on holiday and basically never left. She works in HR and has her own life coaching business. She’s an avid reader, a chocoholic and has an obsession with houseplants. 

She’s a massive foodie, exploring the world by taste (and avoiding coriander wherever she goes). She loves yoga, horse riding and a good cuppa tea.

Due to Covid their wedding had to be postponed twice so this is the third time lucky to get these guys married! Let’s go!

Moby Dicks Wedding

Celebrant Northern Beaches: Marry Us Gary Photo: Courtesy Moby Dicks Website


Choosing a wedding venue is usually #1 on your to-do list when planning a wedding. Most venues book out a year or more in advance, especially on the weekends. And they can range from a fully do-it-yourself wedding venue to an establishment that has everything ready to go. 

Today we are going to check out Moby Dicks by The Boathouse Group with the ceremony being held at Whale Beach on Sydney’s gorgeous Northern Beaches.

And obviously one of the biggest attractions to this ceremony location, is it is literally a stone’s throw away from your reception venue. Let’s go and take a look!

Marriage Celebrant Northern Beaches

Celebrant Northern Beaches: Marry Us Gary Photo: Courtesy Moby Dicks Website

Moby Dicks Wedding Cocktail Hour

Between the wedding ceremony (The I-Do’s) and the Reception (The Party) there is a Cocktail Hour. This is a time for the guests to relax and have some nibbles, drinks, maybe even play some lawn games – while the newlyweds are getting some beautiful photos with the wedding party..

Palm Beach Wedding Venues

Celebrant Northern Beaches: Marry Us Gary Photo: Montana Wilson Venue: Moby Dicks


So here we are Moby Dicks, which is absolutely stunning, with all the Australian beach vibes that I know all of your Aussie and international guests will love. And what I love about this is it can be the location for the Cocktail Hour,  but it also doubles as a Ceremony Location if it is too windy on the beach.

And heaven forbid it does rain, it’s just a short walk to the wet weather option behind us. It’s always good to have a plan B, because then it’s likely to rain.

best wedding venues sydney

Celebrant Northern Beaches: Marry Us Gary Photo: Courtesy Moby Dicks Website


Once you’ve chosen your venue, you’ll have an idea of the different ways you can feed your guests. Is there room for a more formal, sit-down dinner? Are you looking for a more casual cocktail style affair? Or is having food trucks on the lawn more your vibe? The reception is the time for all your family and friends to come together and share a meal in celebration of your love.


So this is where the reception will be held, and you’ve opted for a sit-down meal. Tell me about your vision for the night. Now I know you’re a foodie Em, and that you got engaged in Italy – has that inspired the menu at all? 

Weddings are a coming together of two families – Tell us about your families, have they met? Does everyone get along hunky dory? Any one to keep away from the microphone?

Worried about anyone’s speech… going on too long or getting into uncharted territory?

Palm Beach Wedding

Northern Beaches Celebrant: Marry Us Gary Venue: Moby Dicks Whale Beach Photo by: Benny Valentine


Weddings can come with a hefty price tag, so it’s good to start out with an idea of whether or not your financial values are in alignment. Don’t be scared to talk to each other about money and budget to make sure you’re on the same page.

For every wedding, the venue, the ring and the dress can all be tailored to suit your taste and personality, but how do you make sure your partner is the perfect fit?

Time to ask some of life’s big questions.

northern beaches wedding mc

Celebrant Northern Beaches: Marry Us Gary Photo: Montana Wilson Venue: Moby Dicks


Writing your wedding vows can feel like a daunting task. But don’t leave it til the last minute. We’ve got some tips and tricks to help you find the right words, from the heart.

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Palm Beach Wedding Venues

Northern Beaches Celebrant: Marry Us Gary Venue: Moby Dicks Whale Beach Photo by: Benny Valentine


After 3 years in the planning, and already chalking up two postponements due to Covid, Emma and David will finally be able to celebrate in style with their friends and family from overseas. They are showcasing one of Australia’s most stunning locations, and hopefully bringing everything in under budget.Georgie and I had better get to work, to get these two married ‘without a hitch’.

Cheers to that!

Alright lovebirds, that’s it from us.  Any questions or banter, sling ‘em in the comments below. And if you enjoyed this video be sure to share the love, hit the like button, and SUBSCRIBE to the channel for more juicy wedding tips.

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To Kiz and the amazing wedding team at Moby Dicks Whale Beach

Northern Beaches Marriage Celebrant

Gary’s goal is for you to have the best wedding day possible!  He is an enthusiastic, grounded, fun-loving and relaxed Wedding Celebrant and Professional Wedding MC based in Australia. 
He was an electrician who loved his wedding so much, he quit his job and became a full-time celebrant. 
He’s here to help you plan your wedding and get the party started!

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