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Types of Marriage Ceremonies

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When it comes to planning your wedding, one of the first decisions that you’ll have to make is what type of marriage ceremony you want to have for your marriage celebration. There are several types of marriage ceremonies to choose from

Types of Marriage Ceremonies

There are many types of marriage ceremonies available today but which one is going to be best for your special day? To find out more about what each one entails, we’ve compiled a list of common types of wedding ceremonies you can choose.

What is a Civil Ceremony?

A Civil Marriage Ceremony is a non-religious marriage ceremony performed by a civil marriage celebrant Sydney. They can be big or small and can be tailored to suit any location or ceremony requirements. This type of ceremony is the most common in Australia as it allows couples to get married outside of the religious settings and lets them get out into purpose built venues. This style of ceremony can also be completely tailored to each individual couple, and aside from a few legal requirements, you can pretty much do whatever you want!

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What is a Legals Only Ceremony?

A Legals-only Ceremony is the least difficult of all ceremonies to get you married. This may be done by couples who simply want to get married without the fanfare of a large wedding. They may still plan a reception but the wedding itself may take place with just the couple, the officiant and two witnesses who may be a friend or relative.

This is a non-religious ceremony that is conducted by a registrar or celebrant. It’s usually held in a town or a city hall or any other location that you would prefer like a park, beach, café or bar. There is usually not any personalization during a legals only ceremony and they’re best done when you want a ceremony that’s simple and efficient.

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What is a Religious Ceremony?

This type of ceremony is usually best for couples who have their beliefs as a central part of their lives. A Religious Ceremony often takes place in a church or other religious center. Most religions are licensed to hold a religious wedding ceremony which is also legally binding but you may want to check and verify that you don’t also need a civil ceremony to ensure that you’re legally married.

Many religious ceremonies will also require that the couple attend pre-marital classes or couples counseling before the wedding takes place. The person conducting the wedding can vary but it’s usually the pastor, priest, or other religious leader in that group.

What are Interfaith Ceremonies? – Types of Marriage Ceremonies

This could be considered to be a type of faith-based ceremony but it usually takes place when the couple are not in the same religion. If you and your partner have different religions, then you may want to incorporate aspects of both faiths into the ceremony. In this situation, a civil celebrant usually helps by performing the ceremony and can work with other religious celebrants to create a unique ceremony.

They will also meet with the couple ahead of the wedding to help shape the ceremony that will reflect both religious or cultural practices into the wedding ceremony. This can take some time and effort, so make sure that you have enough time to plan this out if you’re going to have an Interfaith Ceremony.

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What is a Humanist Ceremony?

This is a type of ceremony that has become more popular in recent years. Humanism is a type of non-religious ceremony which focuses on being a good and loving part of society without necessarily adhering to any religious codes. Humanist Weddings are becoming more and more popular as the ceremony focuses on the couple and also allows for significant personalization.

This is a type of wedding that’s often ideal for couples who want to make the day special but don’t have any strong cultural or religious beliefs that may be shaping the ceremony itself. You can work with a celebrant to focus on building a ceremony that’s meaningful for you and incorporates what elements are important.

What is a Commitment Ceremony?

A Commitment Ceremony is simply a non-legally binding ceremony that is not specifically a wedding. It is used to express and confirm love and faithfulness between a couple who are not interested in pursuing legal marriage.

This type of ceremony does not have any set format or requirements. Commitment ceremonies often use the same format as a traditional wedding but instead of legal vows, they will often have verbal intentions of the couple without actually pursuing any legal marriage. These are common with couples who may not be interested in legally marrying each other, or who are already married and looking to have a ceremony in a different country or area with a different set of friends.

Best Types of Marriage Ceremonies – Civil Marriage Celebrant Sydney

Regardless of which type of marriage ceremony you choose for your special day, you do want to make sure that it goes off well. Make sure that you have a professional marriage celebrant on your team. To learn more about this process, check out our services at We offer marriage celebrant and wedding MC services.

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