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Rain On Wedding Day

Looking for a Marriage Celebrant in Palm Beach, NSW? Then Marry Us Gary is the celebrant for you! Especially if you are planning a wedding at Lucinda Park, Palm Beach, Northern Beaches.

I can’t garauntee no rain on wedding day, but I’m here if you need a funny, male wedding celebrant and wedding master of ceremonies, based in NSW, who services the Northern Beaches area and beyond. I am a professional and fun Civil Marriage Celebrant who is relaxed, non-religious, and ready to officiate your civil marriage. Hire me to make sure your marriage celebration goes off without a hitch.

Rain on Wedding Day

If you’ve picked an outdoor wedding venue, we all hope that you will have a fabulous sunny, windless wedding day, with no unforeseen downpours. Because no one wants rain on your wedding day. And you might be worried about it being the rainiest wedding of the year. What if it rains on your wedding day? But fear not, we have put together some tips to keep your worries at bay.

rain on your wedding day

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What if it rains on your wedding day?

In the construction game, if it rains on a work day, you’d struggle to keep the boys on site, but on your wedding day, everyone will be there for you, especially your vendors. As wedding professionals we have seen our share of wet weddings and we’ll help guide you through it on the day. Everything is nothing a few brollies can’t fix.

Have a Ceremony Wet Weather Option

Most venues will have an equally glorious plan B ceremony location which you can discuss with them when you book the venue. Often you can be undercover but still have a view of the surroundings outside. A great wedding celebrant will also set a fun mood for the ceremony, so your guests won’t even be thinking about the rain.

Light Rain On Wedding Day

If it’s drizzling and you decide to roll the dice on the dryness of your guests Sunday best, I would recommend supplying personal umbrellas or ponchos – if a last minute marquee can’t be sourced. And maybe round a few towels to have on hand so guests can dry off.

Rain During Wedding

If a storm cloud rolls in during the ceremony, it is probably good to have some umbrellas on standby for your guests. Most wedding guests will be happy to brave a light drizzle in the name of love, and often your celebrant will hold off on the legal paperwork until after you get back under cover. This is to make sure the legal marriage paperwork doesn’t get wet. You’ll just rendezvous with your celebrant, your partner and your two witnesses to make it legal after the ceremony. And don’t forget to take your wedding photographer as well!

Rain on Wedding Day Meaning
According to long-married couples, Rain is good luck on your wedding day. Another saying is that the wet rope ties the strongest knot. For me, I think it brings all of your friends and family together in support of your special day, and can often create a great energy of excitement.

Rain on wedding day quote

"The wet rope ties the strongest knot.'

Rain Wedding Conclusion

The plus side of drizzly weather on your wedding day is that rain makes rainbows and when it’s overcast you’ll get great light for your photos, especially if they get a shot of you pashing in the rain!  Also, a big storm makes for a good story for the grandkids one day.

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Gary’s goal is for you to have the best wedding day possible!  He is an enthusiastic, grounded, fun-loving and relaxed Wedding Celebrant and Professional Wedding MC based in Australia. 
He was an electrician who loved his wedding so much, he quit his job and became a full-time celebrant. 
He’s here to help you plan your wedding and get the party started!

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