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Marriage Celebrant Sydney

Civil Celebrant For Your Wedding Celebration

A Marriage Celebrant in Australia is an officiant who can legally marry you, but who has no religious affiliation. As independent celebrants we can definitely bring in any cultural or spiritual elements you like, but as a Civil Marriage Celebrant there are only a few legal requirements to get you hitched. Other than that, we can do whatever we like!

My ceremonies are fun, full of love, and relaxed. I want you to be chilled and having fun on your wedding day, so I’ll prepare you well in advance, so all you have to do is show up and enjoy. We’ll get your guests celebrating on arrival at the wedding venue, and create an unforgettable ceremony that will set the mood for the entire day.


This package includes all travel costs, the legal paperwork and registration of marriage, Purchase of $60 Official Marriage Certificate and lodgement on your behalf, as many phone calls, emails and Zoom sessions as you require, and up to 2 free meetings before the ceremony.

Face to face ceremony planning meeting where we will sign paperwork and plan your ceremony and reception ; start to finish. Entrances, music, readings, outfits, rituals, fun times, bubbles, kisses, cannons and bingo – we can do it all! 

I will offer guidance with writing your personal vows, provide feedback, and print them onto a nice card so they look good in photos!

You may invite an unlimited number of guests and I will bring a cranking Wireless Professional Bose PA System with wireless Sennheiser mic.

I’ll greet your guests as they arrive, calm the nerves, bring the good vibes, and perform an unforgettable ceremony for you and your loved ones.
Then it’s hi-fives, an ice cold champers, and it’s time to rock your reception!

Get Married Legally in Australia

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Fill out contact form
Receive a price and info package
Book in a Zoom meeting vibe check
Have a few laughs
Discuss your dream wedding
Accept the quote
Lock your wedding date into the calendar

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Fill out Notice of Intended Marriage NOIM
Lodge it with your celebrant
Book in a time to meet in person
Order a g&t!
Sign all the legal paperwork
Hear your story
Plan your ceremony and reception start to finish

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I'll help you polish up your vows
You'll receive a wedding week checklist
Final catch up Zoom meeting
Run through all the ceremony highlights
Delivery of an unforgettable ceremony
You're officially married!
I'll send everything off to the BDM



Check availability by filling out the contact form. I will get back to you with some more information, and a no-obligation free quote. From there we can book in a vibe check meeting via Zoom, or chat on the phone, to discuss your dream wedding and see if I’m the right celebrant for you.

After our conversation, I’ll send through an electronic quote and contract to accept, and we can lock you into the calendar.


Once we have penned your wedding date into the calendar, you are officially booked! I will send you some paperwork to fill out electronically and we will sign The Notice of Intended Marriage NOIM at our Face to Face or Zoom meeting.

At this meeting we will plan your dream wedding – music, entrances, reading, personal vows, and environmentally friendly confetti canons!

In the lead up to the day I will help you with writing your vows and print them for you, print the legals, organise a final wedding week Zoom, write your personalised one-of-a-kind ceremony, send you heaps of helpful info and help you fell super confident for your big day.


On your wedding day I’ll be there 60-90 minutes before the ceremony, check in with everyone, sight the rings, check the ties, set up the PA, and be ready to rock your ceremony. Then I’ll fire all the paperwork off to the BDM and you are officially married.

And if you want me to stick around and fire up the party as the Wedding MC for your Recption, I’d love too!


Looking for a Fun Marriage Celebrant and Wedding MC in NSW

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Setting the Tone for Your Wedding Celebrations

If you think of the celebrant as simply being there to perform the legal duties of the day, you are in for a big surprise. They help to set the tone for the entire day. Crap celebrant = crap vibe…

A good celebrant not only is a professional, they also have great presence, confidence, charisma and have the ability to hold and engage the crowd. They’ll help to set the couple at ease and create the atmosphere that you desire for your big day.

A great wedding celebrant is a storyteller. They’re fun and engaging. Their confidence shines through regardless of what happens. Keep in mind that even the best-planned event may run into some problems so you want a professional who can keep things buoyant and clipping along. A good one will be able to handle any potential problems on your big day.


When trying to find a wedding celebrant for your special day, you probably need to meet with a few to find out about what style of ceremony and types of services they offer. The questions you’ll need to ask your marriage celebrant will vary from couple to couple but there are at least seven basic questions that all couples should ask. Not all marriage celebrants are created equal, which is why you should ask these questions before making an informed decision.

  1. What Style of Wedding Ceremony Do You Perform?

This is a question that will help you get to know which types of weddings they’ve performed, as well as which types they can perform. Ask them to give you an idea of what styles of ceremonies they’ve done in the past. After you’ve heard more about their experience, you can share your vision for the style of your own wedding. If you’re looking for a more traditional wedding, you may want a celebrant who can fit this style while more relaxed couples may want an easy-going style for their celebrant. Most celebrants can adapt to a certain extent but always ask about this before making your decision.

Gazza: I create a fun, relaxed ceremony for all to enjoy, that surfs the fine line between sentimental and funny. There will be tears, laughter, celebration, and a whole lot of love.

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  1. How Will You Adapt If Things Don’t Go To Plan?

Ask this question to get an idea of how they’ve adapted to things going wrong in the past. From fainting guests to interruptions during the ceremony, a good celebrant will be able to navigate these events and make sure that they don’t disrupt the ceremony. An experienced celebrant will be able to give you a few examples of when things didn’t go as planned and how they managed to be professional, even with these challenges.

Gazza: I am a NIDA graduate and an actor by profession, so warming up a crowd is what I love to do. I can tailor a ceremony to suit any venue or request. I also offer an MC service, if you want to continue the good times into the night. Woo hoo!

  1. What Equipment Does a Marriage Celebrant Provide?

This may seem like a silly question, but most celebrants should provide their own PA system. This may not always be needed for a small wedding, but make sure to ask in advance. For larger weddings, you want to ensure that there is a PA system available for the ceremony and that it will be in good working order. Most celebrants provide a battery operated PA system with wireless microphone, which can be used for music as well as to capture everything that is said during the ceremony.

Gazza: I will bring a cranking Wireless Professional Bose PA System with wireless Sennheiser microphone and stand. This system is good for 200 people and your videographer is more than welcome to hook into so they can capture everything that is said.

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  1. Can You Help Us With Our Vows?

This question is often asked by couples who are writing their own vows but may understandably be nervous about them. A celebrant may or may not offer these services, or may offer them for an additional fee. Do you want to write your own but aren’t sure where to start? Ask the celebrant for some examples of vows or if they can help you with some guidance. Since they perform multiple ceremonies a year, they can provide expert guidance in this area which can be a big help.

Gazza: Absolutely! I’ll send you some great articles on vow writing, and you can send them to me separately for feedback. I’ll let you know about tone and length, and I’ll even print them off on a nice card for you to have on the day. This looks nicer in your photos than an old napkin from the night before!

  1. Can We Rehearse The Ceremony?

This will definitely vary with every celebrant. Full-time celebrants usually won’t need a rehearsal but recommend that the couple go through the motions with their bridal party in the space the day before the wedding. Most celebrants don’t offer a rehearsal to reduce travel time and related costs to the couple. Other Celebrants may offer a full rehearsal at the venue or a quick run through at their office.

Gazza: I believe in spontaneity on the day, so I don’t offer a rehearsal. We will prepare everything in the lead up to the day so you feel super confident in whats going to happen. All you have to do is make it to the the venue on the day, and I’ve got the rest covered.

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  1. How Do You Personalise The Ceremony?

A talented wedding celebrant can be a great way to personalize your special day. A tailored or bespoke wedding ceremony will focus on your story, which makes each ceremony unique. Be sure to ask this question, so you don’t end up with a generic ceremony where all the celebrant has done is changed the names in the script. Usually the cheaper the celebrant, the less tailored the ceremony.

Gazza: Every ceremony I do is completely tailored and personalised to the couple. There’s no generic scripts from me. I write your ceremony from the information I gather from our meeting, and a short fun questionnaire I send each member of the couple individually. No two ceremonies are the same, so let’s  create your dream ceremony.

  1. What Happens If The Celebrant Is Sick?

This also is a question you might not think to ask but everyone gets sick after all! Ask them who will stand in for them and if that person has the experience to make sure that there won’t be any problems. The chances of this happening are fairly low but you’ll feel better if you know that there is another person as backup just in case.

Gazza: I am part of a Celebrant Society with over 400 members. If I come down with something, I will find a few like minded celebrants who are available for you to choose from. They will deliver the script we have agreed on, and I will transfer my fee and paperwork to them so there will be no extra cost to you.

Need a Marriage Celebrant for your Sydney Wedding Ceremony?

What is a Civil Marriage Celebrant?

Marriage Celebrants in Australia offer a wide range of services from elopements, legals only ceremonies, vow renewals, marriage ceremonies, handfasting ceremonies, interfaith weddings, naming days, same sex marriage, reception hosting, wedding master of ceremonies, and commitment ceremonies.

A civil wedding or marriage celebrant is also known as an officiant and is an essential part of your wedding day. Celebrants have to be registered with the Attorney-General’s Department and have completed their Certificate IV in Celebrancy, and be currently undertaking compulsory Ongoing Professional Development OPD. They take care of the legal necessities pre and post-ceremony, and ensure legal and identification requirements are met. But an excellent Civil Marriage Celebrant will do a great deal more than that. They set the tone for the entire wedding day!

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What time does the celebrant arrive on the day?

A celebrant will usually arrive between 60 – 90 minutes before the ceremony is scheduled to start. Most celebrants have a huge fear of arriving late to a ceremony, so often they may even arrive earlier. I’m travelling in from 1 Albemarle street, Narrabeen, NSW, in the Northern Beaches, so I always leave plenty of time.

This gives them time to view where the ceremony is being held, set up their PA system, finish off any legal paperwork that may be outstanding, and check in with one or both members of the couple. They will check the rings are close, the cones of petals are loaded, shake hands with a few relos, and make sure the readers are feeling confident and know when they are up. 

A spicy mint, a few firm pats on the back, fire up the PA, and it’s go time!

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How much does a Sydney marriage celebrant cost?

When you’re planning for your wedding day, you’ll need someone to act as an officiant. Not only do celebrants provide all the legal paperwork to get you legally married, this professional knows the ins and outs of weddings and will help the ceremony go off without a hitch. While this is a valuable service, an excellent Sydney marriage celebrant does come at a cost.

While the costs can vary, the average cost for a decent celebrant is between $1000 to $2500. This may seem like a high price tag for some, but there is a reason why celebrants charge this much. An authorised celebrant is a professional who does a great deal more than just perform the ceremony. They work with the couple ahead of time to get to know each person and who they are. Their goal is to capture the best parts of the couples love story.

They’ll meet with you in order to find out what you’re looking for during the ceremony, what you’d like to avoid, and then create a ceremony that’s perfect for the occasion. The best ceremonies are 100 percent tailored to your needs and your love story.

In addition to getting to know the couple, they’ll consult on all aspects of the ceremony. They’ll discuss the musical selections, review if you prefer reading or rituals during the ceremony, and can even provide advice on personal vows if you’re struggling in this area. While the actual ceremonies tend to be fairly short and may only last 25 minutes or so, what you’re going to get for that cost is a lifetime’s worth of memories. 

Marriage celebrant costs may seem high but they actually take anywhere from 10-20 hours to prepare. This preparation starts with the first meeting to the final draft and then the work that they do to customise the ceremony and finally deliver it on the big day. This takes a substantial amount of time.

There price includes; all the marketing they created for you to find them, the initial contact and quotes, preparing the legal paperwork, the ceremony planning meeting, writing your ceremony, helping with your personal vows, emails and calls, final meetings to confirm details, early arrival, travel time, tolls, transport costs, sharp haircuts, classy outfits, certificates, PA systems, business cards, website maintenance, ongoing compulsory training, annual celebrant fees, and insurance.

Even a professional needs to take the time to ensure everything goes well. On the day itself, they’ll be present about an hour before the ceremony to ensure that the event is ready for you, check any final details with the venue manager, begin to greet your guests and ensure that the ceremony goes off smoothly.

They’ll also chat with the photographer and videographer before the ceremony to review shots and angles. They know which ones are going to be best as well as pivotal moments that couples want captured. Their role may even extend past basic celebrant duties. They’ve been known to talk to and calm any nervous members of the wedding party. They may even be able to mingle with family members ahead of time to ensure that there are no disruptions and that everyone is comfortable.

All things considered, celebrants are actually a bargain! They’re your go-to person for the wedding ceremony and even if you don’t want a fussy or fancy wedding, having this professional on your team is definitely worth the investment. Refreshingly awesome, or terribly delivered – this is the part of your wedding day you will remember for the rest of your life.

Legal Documentation

A marriage officiant takes care of the legal documents before, during, and after the ceremony. There are not a huge number of legalities required in order to get married but you do have to ensure that they’re done correctly. Couples will need a Notice of Intended Marriage NOIM, Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage DONLIM, an Official Marriage Certificate, and a form 15 which is the pretty marriage certificate the celebrant gives to you on the day. Since this can be challenging for couples to navigate, the celebrant will arrange and organise all the paperwork and let you know when they need to be signed and submitted.

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Managing Sound at a Wedding Ceremony

The sound system that your marriage celebrant uses during the ceremony is incredibly important. The venue that you use may already have one in place but, if not, the wedding officiant will take care of managing the sound for the ceremony. This will include everything that is said through the microphone, but also the music for your ceremony if you need.

If no one can hear what’s being said, then how will they know when to cheer?! If you’re having a larger or even medium-sized ceremony, you want to ensure that the guests can hear what’s happening clearly. And if you are having a videographer, they can hook into your celebrants PA system whill will capture all the intimate moments.

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Looking for a Wedding MC Sydney?

In addition to the services listed above, I also offer a Wedding Master of Ceremony Service or Wedding MC. This is a great way to ensure that the entire wedding and reception go off without any problems. At Marry Us Gary, I offer a popular marriage celebrant and wedding MC package.

With years of experience, I can help guide you and your guests through a fantastic, fun-filled wedding day.