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Get Married Legally in Australia

Looking to get married legally in Australia? Then Marry Us Gary is the Celebrant for you! 

I’m here if you need a funny, male wedding celebrant and wedding master of ceremonies, based in Australia, who services the NSW region and beyond. I am a professional and fun Civil Marriage Celebrant who is relaxed, non-religious, and ready to officiate your civil marriage. Hire me to make sure your marriage celebration goes off without a hitch.

Wedding Traditions Australia

Wedding traditions have become so entwined in our idea of what a marriage ceremony is, but very little of the fuddy-duddery is actually required to get you married. ⁠ Let’s find out how to get married legally in Australia.

All that is legally required to get you married is:

That the celebrant receive the Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) one calendar month before the wedding, (NOIM only valid for 18 months)⁠

And we sign the Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage (DONLIM) at our meeting or on the wedding day.⁠

Then at the ceremony I have to introduce myself as the celebrant, use your full legal names once, and rattle off three sentences of legal jargon about what marriage is according to the law in Australia. ⁠

All that is legally required from you as the lucky couple is both parties’ repeat after me⁠

‘I take thee to be my lawful wedded husband / wedded wife / wedded spouse)’ ⁠

We sign three legal documents – 2 docs and the pretty certificate⁠

And the ceremony and signing has to be witnessed by two chums who are over 18, understand the ceremony, and aren’t too pissed!

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Legal Marriage Age Australia

“You must be at least 18 years old to get married, unless one of you is aged between 16 and 18 and: you have court approval by a judge or magistrate to marry. consent by your parent or guardian has been given or dispensed with.”

Excerpt from the NSW Government Website – Marriage and The Law

That’s it. Everything else is totally up to you. Purple wedding dress, male Maid of Honour, champagne for guests during the ceremony, flash- mob, circus acts, it’s all allowed! ⁠

And if you want to change your name you just have to apply for the official marriage certificate, which is the ugly version of the certificate I give you on the day.

How To Get Married Quickly in Australia

Not long ago I awoke to a message that had been sent at 2am, asking if I could come around and marry a young couple.

As much as I would have loved that, there was unfortunately one hitch, other than the fact that they were probably steaming drunk.

You have to have filled out this beauty (The NOIM) and lodge it with your celebrant at least one calender month before your wedding date.

I told the couple to have a bacon and egg roll, fill it out, and we could marry them the following month.

Shortening of Time - Get Married Legally in Australia

You’re only other option is to apply for a shortening of time under special circumstances such as

Employment–related, or other travel commitments
Circumstance regarding the Wedding arrangements, or religious considerations Medical reasons
Legal proceedings, or
An Error in giving the notice.

You’ll also need a letter from your celebrant saying they’ll take the gig.

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Gary is a Sydney Marriage Celebrant and Wedding MC based in The Northern Beaches of NSW. He is an enthusiastic, grounded, fun-loving and relaxed Wedding Celebrant and Professional Wedding MC and is a Preferred Supplier at: The Boat House – Zephyr -Bathers – Long Reef Golf Club – Zest – Waldara – Mali Brae Farm – The Dunes and Redleaf.
He was an electrician by trade, but now is a full-time marriage celebrant who enjoys outdoor sports, kayaking, marrying legends, firing up the barbie with friends and spinning a good yarn.