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Fun Wedding Ideas

Looking for a Marriage Celebrant in Sydney, NSW with some Fun Wedding Ideas? Then Marry Us Gary is the place for you! 

I’m here if you need a funny, male wedding celebrant and wedding master of ceremonies, based in NSW, who services the Sydney region and beyond. I am a professional and fun Civil Marriage Celebrant who is relaxed, non-religious, and ready to officiate your civil marriage. Hire me to make sure your marriage celebration goes off without a hitch.

If you want your wedding ceremony to be one to remember, you should try to make it fun for all of your guests. These simple yet fun wedding ideas can get you on the path to putting together a wedding that you’ll never forget.

Serve Beverages Before the Ceremony

Serving drinks pre-ceremony can be a terrific way to relax your guests. If you want to energise your guests and get them in the mood for the ceremony, serving delicious drinks in advance can go a long way. Try to give your guests imaginative, diverse and tasty choices such as pink lemonade, grapefruit mojitos, or the crowd favourite – gin and tonics.s

fun wedding ideas

Focus on a Family Wedding Tradition

Focusing on tradition can make your wedding ceremony more fun and more unforgettable. Think about an element that showcases your family traditions or cultural background. If you have Irish or Scottish origins, then you may want to incorporate a handfasting ceremony. Think tea ceremony, shot of your family’s favorite Christmas spirit, ceremonial glass smash under the Chuppah, or Quaich Ceremony.

Make a Grand Entrance

It’s no surprise that wedding guests appreciate grand entrances. If you want to kick off your ceremony in a lively fashion, then you should make a grand entrance in the company of your loved one. This will have all of your guests buzzing from the get-go. Do you want to make your entrance even more unique? Rock up on motorbikes, with your pet, come down with your spouse, or dance your way to the arbor.

Play a Game of “Legal Witness” Bingo

A legal witness, in a nutshell, is an individual who witnesses the signing of a document. Legal witnesses have to be on hand for wedding ceremonies to be legit. These people have to be a minimum of 18 years in age. If you want to select a legal witness in a memorable, cool and modern way, then you should set up a bingo game for all to play. You can select random names out of a hat. Just make sure all participants are a minimum of 18 years-old. They have to be able to comprehend the ceremony without issue, too.

funny wedding mc sydney

Select an Aisle Song

Music brings people together. It’s also one of the most crucial elements of any wedding ceremony. If you want to take the “fun factor” of your ceremony to the next level, you should select an aisle song that most or all of your guests will know like the backs of their hands. Be sure to hand out papers that include the lyrics of the song as well. If you do this, your guests will all be able to sing confidently in unison. What can be cooler than encouraging all of your guests to sing the tune at the closing of the ceremony? You don’t have to be limited in the song genre department. Upbeat dance or pop songs can both work like a charm. Sentimental power ballads can be just as effective. Metallica was a recent highlight!

Play Rock Paper Scissors

Rock paper scissors isn’t just a game for kids. It’s also a game that can help you determine which partner is going to kick things off for the reading of your personal vows. If you don’t want to have a playful argument about the matter, you can settle everything with a quick game of rock paper scissors. Your guests will have a ball watching you play.

Fun Wedding Ideas – Opt for Flower Men

Who in the world says that “flower girls” have to be girls, anyway? No one at all. If you want to switch things up and make sure that your wedding ceremony stands out in a positive manner, you should go for flower men. This is actually becoming a big trend in locations all around the globe.

Looking for a funny Wedding MC Sydney, Australia

How else can you make your ceremony fun? You can contact Marry Us Gary. When you need a fun marriage celebrant Sydney folks can count on, you need Gary Clementson. Be sure to take a look at the “How to Be an Amazing Wedding MC” online course as well.

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Gary’s goal is for you to have the best wedding day possible!  He is an enthusiastic, grounded, fun-loving and relaxed Wedding Celebrant and Professional Wedding MC based in Australia. 
He was an electrician who loved his wedding so much, he quit his job and became a full-time celebrant. 
He’s here to help you plan your wedding and get the party started!