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dog in wedding ceremony

Including Your Dog In Your Wedding

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How to Include Your Dog in Your Wedding Ceremony

Our pets can be our best friends which is why we want to include them in our special moments. When it comes to your wedding day, many couples want to include their four legged family member. Let’s find out how to include your dog in your wedding

When you promise to share your life with each other, your dog also becomes a part of the package. There are many ways to include your dog in the big day but you’ll want to make sure that you plan ahead to ensure that you don’t have any hiccups during any key moments. Here’s some tips on how to include your dog in your wedding ceremony.

Can Your Dog Be In Your Wedding?

Yes! But, before you decide on how to include your dog, you’ll first want to think about your dog’s personality and temperament.

Is your dog friendly to people and does he or she do well in large crowds?

Does your dog know basic commands that will stick with them even when distracted?

Is the dog slightly afraid of strangers or friendly to all people?


Keep in mind you might not want to include dogs who experience anxiety in crowds. (According to a Google Article I read…) this will make the dog more scared and may even lead to long-term health problems so consider if your dog has the right temperament to put up with the stress of a wedding event.

Including Your Dog In Your Wedding Ceremony

When you have your trusted pooch at your wedding, there are a few ways that you can include them in the ceremony. These are a few of the main options that people choose today.

Wedding Dog of Honor.

Can my dog walk me down the aisle? Absolutely!

Or your dog may be able to walk down the aisle with a member of the wedding party and then sit with the you or them during the ceremony. It’s best to have your dog on a leash and have a designated person to be in charge of them, just in case they get bored. You can even have your dog dressed for the wedding with a suit, dress or bowtie to match the wedding party.

Wedding Flower Dog.

Does your dog fetch and carry pretty well? If so, then she could carry a basket of flowers in her mouth as the flower girl spreads the petals. Make sure that whatever petals you use are not toxic for dogs as it’s likely that your dog may try to sneak a taste along the way!

Including Your Dog In Your Wedding – Ring Bearer.

How do I make my dog ring bearer?

This is actually a fairly popular option. They even make custom ring holders for dogs to carry. You can also tie the rings to the collar or use whatever method you choose. Make sure that the rings are secured though as it may be easier to lose them with a dog in charge!

Honored Guest.

This may be a good option for dogs who are anxious or stressed when in large crowds but do well when they have a calmer place that’s all their own. Give them a place of pride in the front row sitting with someone who knows and likes dogs. They’ll still be a part of the ceremony but it’ll be on their own terms.

dog in wedding ceremony

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dog in wedding ceremony
dog in wedding ceremony

Tips to Including Your Dog In Your Wedding

Dogs at the Reception

The ceremony is one event but you may also want to consider if you’re going to have your dog attend the reception. The activity, food, and noise are going to be big stimulants for your furry friend and it may be too much to handle. The dog may be able to attend for pictures and then go home with a designated dog sitter. Keep in mind that guests who love dogs may be tempted to feed him treats and could even give foods that are not good for dogs. The venue that you use may also have restrictions on pets so check with them before making a decision.

And wedding receptions do not have to be restricted to dogs. Why not bring your cat, lizard or crowd favourite – your Llama!

Keep in mind that when you have a dog in your wedding, you want to make sure that you have a great Wedding Celebrant. At Marry Us Gary, we know how to make sure that your special day goes off without a hitch. With Wedding MC services and marriage celebrant services, we can make any wedding ideas come. to life. Visit us at to find out more.

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