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DJ or MC to Host A Wedding Reception?

Why You Need a Professional Wedding MC To Make Your Wedding Memorable - DJ or MC

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and you’ll remember all the events for years to come. Therefore, it’s super important that everything runs smoothly. This prerequisite can drop down to small decisions, such as having a professional emcee or asking the DJ to double as the music master and wedding MC.

While there are professional emcees for weddings, some people ask the DJ to perform both roles. This can be risky as not all DJ’s have the skill set to host your evening. Couples ask the DJ to play the music and host the wedding reception at the same time. This decision can help them lower costs but does create the risk of having the DJ wearing too many hats.

It may be best to hire both a DJ and a professional wedding MC based in Sydney. There are various benefits that you may enjoy if you separate the two functions at your wedding.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Emcee - DJ or MC

1. Humour

Having a wedding host with a sense of humour is helpful. Their expertise can be invaluable if unforeseen scenarios arise, including:

  • when there are delays

  • when things go wrong (never!)

  • when you need to ease the guests through an awkward moment (not on my watch!)

  • when you have to improvise the wedding schedule

The emcee will keep everyone entertained and engaged with a few few laughs as the organisers get things back on track. A professional wedding MC has years of experience working with crowds, and taking care of any unforeseen mishaps seamlessly. They can spot issues and handle them professionally before your guests even know there was a problem.

This approach might be impossible if you use the DJ as your wedding MC. They may be too distracted or lack adequate experience to spot these moments early.

2. Easy To Find

While finding a professional master of ceremonies for your wedding is straightforward. For example, you may type ‘wedding MC Sydney’ in your browser to find many professional emcees in Sydney, but it might also be handy to have a wedding MC that can be your wedding celebrant as well. Celebrant MC’s are a great choice as they already have a rapport with you and your guests from earlier in the day at the ceremony, and as a result they will have a deeper knowledge of your relationship and the vibe you are after for your reception.

Finding a DJ that plays music and hosts the reception can be challenging. While some are excellent at picking the right music (‘We are Family’ – always a wedding dance floor classic!), some haven’t mastered the art of public speaking or wrangling an unruly crowd. They can be shy or (heaven forbid) crack bad jokes at your wedding!

3. Connecting With the Guests and Crowd Control

Catching and keeping people’s attention in large spaces can be challenging. It needs a host with certain skills to succeed. Most professional emcees have the expertise to engage and connect with crowds. Guests will feel part of the celebration, and the MC can guide them on whats happening and where to focus their attention next. A DJ may lack these skills, creating a clunky or unpolished event. They may also struggle to communicate essential information to your guests.

4. Hosting Games – DJ or MC?

More people are embracing games as part of their wedding extravaganza. Wedding games bring humour and entertain guests in between courses or speeches. A professional master of ceremonies has considerable experience in hosting these wedding games, and they can have an arsenal of activities to keep your guests engaged. (And even treats for the winners!) The ad-libs by emcees are often the best parts that make your wedding guests chortle heartily with laughter. A DJ can know few games, limiting your guests’ entertainment.

5. Ensure Everyone Is Happy

The last thing you want is to worry whether people are having a good time at your wedding. You’ll be enjoy yourself more if you know different professionals are handling the entertainment and emceeing. They can also look after each other if there are issues, such as problems with the DJ’s tools or the public address system. Your guests will be seamlessly entertained throughout with music or announcements, guiding them safely and keeping them happy.

Are You Ready for Professional Emcee Services in Sydney?

Want to continue the good vibes into the night with me as the MC?

You could get a mate to do it, but then they have to work during your wedding, and hopefully hold back on the red wine consumption!

From Ceremony to the first dance, I will guide you and your guests through a fun filled fantastic evening! Housekeeping, entrances, welcoming, speech introductions, cake cutting, venue liaising and plenty of laughs. 

I’ve got you covered to keep your event running smoothly, your friends and family well looked after, and creating a night you’ll remember for the rest of your lives – give your mate the night off.

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