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Changing Your Name After Marriage

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I’m here if you need a funny, male wedding celebrant and wedding master of ceremonies, based in NSW, who services the Sydney and beyond. I am a professional and fun Civil Marriage Celebrant who is relaxed, non-religious, and ready to officiate your civil marriage. Hire me to make sure your marriage celebration goes off without a hitch.

Do I Have To Name Change After Marriage?

Some people can’t wait to take their partner’s last name, but it is not a legal requirement, and is not automatic, so you are definitely not required to change your name after your wedding ceremony. Either party can change their last name, or create a combination of both names including a hyphen or just a space.

For a detailed step by step guide check out Easy Name Change.

No Time Limit to Change Your Name

There is no time limit on when you can apply to change your name after your wedding day, so feel free to take as long as you like to make the decision. But whatever you do, do not book your honeymoon in your new name as it takes a while to transfer your new name to your passport and they won’t let you on board if the names are different on your ticket and your passport.

marriage name change

On your wedding day you will sign two identical copies of the Official Certificate of Marriage, as well as your very own Couples Commemorative Marriage Certificate, which is the pretty one you can hang on your wall. Be sure to note that this certificate can not be used as name change documentation.

When you sign the legal documentation on your wedding day, you need to sign with your normal signature which you are currently using. After the ceremony the Official Certificate of Marriage will be sent to the Births Deaths and Marriages office by your celebrant, and if requested, a $60 Official Marriage Certificate will be sent to you in the post within 2-3 weeks.

Official Marriage Certificate

After receiving your Official Marriage Certificate in the post you can use the document to change your name with the relevant organisations. If using your Official Marriage Certificate you will not need a Change of Name Certificate.

Once you have registered your new name with your primary organisations you can then begin using a new signature. I would recommend starting with your passport as it will make updating your name with other organisations easier.

Official Name Change – Changing Your Name After Marriage

You have to visit some organisations in person in order to change your name, such as your bank, Australia Post (for your new passport), Service NSW (for your drivers licence), Centrelink and Medicare.

After that it’s memberships, utilities, rego, ATO, insurance, superannuation, e-toll and all the rest.

Sound like a bit of a headache?

Thankfully, there’s an excellent Aussie based company that can do all of this for you! Find them at Easy Name Change.

marriage name change
Changing Your Name After Marriage

But fear not, you can definitely call yourselves Mr and Mrs Jones after your ceremony, and you are legally married at your ceremony, just don’t write or sign the new name on any legal documents until you have registered your name change.

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