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Beach weddings

Beach Weddings

Today on FnQ’s we’re rolling up the trouser legs and slapping on the sunscreen because it’s time to talk Beach Wedding Ceremonies.

Now, it all sounds so simple doesn’t it? Get a few mates together, rope in the relo’s, take off your shoes, grab an esky and a guitar and you’ve got a beach wedding. But it’s a bit more complicated than that. When you’re dealing with the great outdoors you’re likely to require more planning.

But if you get it right you’ve got the wedding of the year.

Beach weddings

Time of Year For Beach Weddings

Time of year can be critical. You’re getting married in the elements so you need to consider seasonal elements – such as extreme heat, high winds and rain.

Time of Day For A Beach Ceremony

This extends to the time of day you are planning to tie the knot. It’s best to pick a time when the tide is going out, rather than coming – Don’t want the bride to get cold feet, – and early mornings or sunset are often best for avoiding wind and direct sunlight. And to make sure that your dodgy cousin isn’t wearing his speed dealer sunnies on the back of every shot.

What to Wear to a Beach Wedding?

A beach wedding in itself bucks a few traditions, one of these is in the wardrobe department. Find appropriate clothing to make yourself comfortable on the day. This doesn’t mean you go full Baywatch with your gear, but you probably aren’t going too Pride and Prejudice either, so you can leave the three piece suit at home, and be sure to warn your guests.

What Do You Need For a Beach Weddings?

Access to and around your location is important. So consider accessible carparks and amenities. Also, take note if your guests will need chairs. If the ground is soft, you may need an outdoor rug, and plywood under the sand helps to firm up the ground for the ceremony.

Unless you want the local ranger as a surprise guest – better get council approval first. And if the patch of sand just ‘aint working – maybe there’s a patch of grass just behind the beach which provides the same atmosphere without the logistical dilemmas.

Beach weddings are all about easy breezy, so try and avoid putting your guests through a desert trek to get to the perfect spot.

Wedding Vows at Beach Weddings

For old romantics like me, the exchange of vows is the most individual and unique part of every ceremony. So don’t have your special words washed away by the roar of surf and coastal wind. If you don’t have access to power, which you probably won’t, make sure your celebrant has a battery powered PA system…and no, I’m not talking a megaphone.

Rainy Day Beach Weddings

I couldn’t disagree more with Alanis Morisett on the statement that rain on your wedding day is ironic, but it certainly can be bloody inconvenient. Therefore, always have a Plan B in the event of rain or poor weather.

Of course the usual beach condiments apply, provide plenty of sunscreen, bug spray, parasols, towels and eskies full of water…and something more celebratory.

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