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asking a friend to mc your wedding

5 Things to Consider When Asking a Friend to MC Your Wedding

If you’re planning a wedding in Sydney and deciding who should be your master of ceremonies (MC), you may be tempted to ask a funny, charismatic friend to play the role. While having your best mate MC your wedding sounds like a fun idea, there are a few essential things you need to think about when Asking a Friend to MC Your Wedding

As a professional wedding celebrant and MC in the Northern Beaches, I’ve seen both good and bad examples of friends officiating weddings. 

While asking a friend can seem easy, it requires some extra thought and preparation. A wedding MC guides guests through the event, makes announcements, and keeps things flowing on schedule. This task is challenging, especially for someone doing it for the first time!

Before asking your friend to take on this important role, here are five key things to consider:

Who Usually Acts as MC at Weddings?

First, let’s look at the most common options couples have for their wedding MC:

  • Professional celebrant: Many celebrants include MC services in their wedding package. They are experienced MC’s who know how to keep your day running smoothly.
  • DJ or band leader: Some DJs and bands will take on the MC duties for the reception. This may work well since they are already managing the music and entertainment.
  • Friend or relative: Asking a close friend or family member can add a personal touch. But make sure they are prepared for the responsibility!
  • Hired MC: You can hire a professional MC just for the day. This ensures an experienced MC but may be an added cost, and they often come with the venue so it may not be a personlized experience.

What Makes a Good Wedding MC?

A good MC has many skills, including public speaking, time management, humour, and adaptability. Specifically, some top qualities to look for include:

  • Preparedness – They need to understand the event schedule and their role. An experienced MC will also visit the venue in advance.
  • Punctuality – They should arrive early, stick to the timeline, and keep things moving. Missing key moments is not an option!
  • Clear speaking voice – They need to comfortably use a microphone and project their voice to the entire room.
  • Upbeat energy – A good MC generates excitement and fun while keeping guests engaged.
  • Judgment skills – An MC needs to think on their feet to handle any surprises.
  • Reliability – You need to trust your MC will take the role seriously and avoid drinking excessively.

When asking a mate to MC your wedding, think about whether they have these skills and qualities. Being a great friend doesn’t necessarily make them the best MC!

1. Consider Preparedness When Asking a Friend to MC Your Wedding

Does your friend understand what’s involved with being a wedding MC? Make sure to have an in-depth discussion about the role and its responsibilities.

Give them as much information as possible – like the full event schedule/runsheet, vendor contacts, and wedding party names. Share your vision for the wedding vibe and flow.

Having scripts or talking points is also useful for an amateur MC. Consider investing in a Wedding MC Script and Workbook to help your mate prepare.

You want to set your friend up for success, rather than throwing them in the deep end! A pro celebrant providing MC services will already come fully prepared.

2. Consider Their Sense of Humour When Asking a Friend to MC Your Wedding

For many couples, fun and laughter are essential to their wedding day and your MC’s sense of humour can set the perfect lighthearted tone.

But humour is also subjective – what is fun versus embarrassing or offensive varies from person to person. Before asking your best friend, think carefully about their style. Are their jokes usually on point or do they sometimes cross the line?

Remember, your wedding guests will range from young cousins to elderly aunties and grandmas. Keeping it clean and appropriate for MA15+ audiences is a good approach. Make your expectations clear with your MC.

You want laughs, not cringes! Hiring a professional wedding MC in Sydney is safer if comedy is a concern.

Check out Reasons to invest in a professional wedding mc here.

3. Consider Punctuality When Asking a Friend to MC Your Wedding

Keep your wedding day running on time by having an organized and punctual MC. Your friend may be chronically late to Friday night drinks, but that won’t fly for a wedding!

Impress upon your potential MC how critical it is they arrive early and stick to the agenda. Share the detailed runsheet and schedules. Ensure they understand the timing for key moments like the processional, first dance, speeches, etc.

Missing big moments because your MC buddy lost track of time is a quick way to put a damper on your day’s memories. Consider a mate’s punctuality track record before asking them to MC.

4. Consider Eagerness When Asking a Friend to MC Your Wedding

When asking a friend to MC your wedding  they should be as excited as you are for the big day! This eagerness is reflected in their energy and effort level.

Before asking a friend, gauge their enthusiasm for being your MC. Do they seem genuinely honoured and keen? Or do they appear ambivalent?

Remember the MC workload – learning scripts, attending the rehearsal, long hours on the wedding day, etc. Is your friend willing to fully commit?

An unmotivated, indifferent MC can drain the vibe. Conversely, passion breeds lively energy that gets your guests pumped up.

Asking a mate vs. hiring a professional celebrant comes down to eagerness in many cases.

5. Consider Reliability When Asking a Friend to MC Your Wedding

You need an MC you can count on to show up sober and ready to rock! Reliability is everything for this important role.

Before asking your party pal, honestly assess how dependable they are. Do they usually keep commitments? Can you trust them to skip the pre-wedding bender and after parties?

Remember that family and friends may have higher expectations for the MC since they know them. Messing up is much more embarrassing when your uncle or bridesmaid is dropping the ball!

Pick an MC you believe will stay focused and avoid overindulging in the drinks, festivities, and open bar. Relying on a less established friend vs. a proven professional celebrant or MC is riskier.

In Summary

If done well, having a close friend or relative MC your wedding adds a nice personal touch. But finding the right person requires careful thought. Before asking your mate, consider key factors like their preparedness, timeliness, humour, eagerness, and reliability. Be sure they can handle the duties and responsibilities involved.

Provide them with guidance like event schedules, talking points, and MC scripts. Attend the rehearsal together and chat through your expectations. This sets them up for success. If your ideal MC candidate seems uncertain, Hire a Wedding MC in Sydney instead. While not as personal, you guarantee an experienced, prepared, polished master of ceremonies. who specialize in MC services.

The MC guides the flow and feel of your entire day. Stay on this important role – choose wisely, whether asking a mate or hiring a seasoned pro. Focus on smooth sailing so you can enjoy your dream wedding!

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Asking a Friend to MC your Wedding

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